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Only Seven Days Left to Nominate!

Here's how things stand right now - we really need noms in the first few categories!

Overall Dawn Fic - 5 spots open
Future (Slash) - 5 spots open
Dawn POV - 3 spots open
Key!Fic - 3 spots open
Romance - 3 spots open
Gen - 2 spots open
Future (Non-Slash) - 2 spots open
Dawn Insert - 2 spots open
Heat - 1 spot open
Dawn Characterization - CLOSED
Fluff/Comedy - CLOSED
Angst/Dark - CLOSED

*Please note that these do not count pending awards - spots will be awarded in the order of author acceptance.
BtVS - BA - claddagh
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drabble for open_on_sunday

Buffy rose to her toes to look better over the crib’s edge. For all the fuss her mother had made, the six-year old wasn’t too impressed. “She’s all pink.”

Behind her, her parents laughed. “Did you bring the camera?” Joyce whispered. Hank nodded and Buffy heard the clicking noises. She studied carefully the sister that’d been brought home hours ago. “Will she break?” Because her body looked so fragile.

Her father picked up the small baby and offered her to Buffy. Her eyes rounded in amazement as Dawn was put into her care for the first time. “She is breathing!”
btvs: buffy big damn hero

Girl, Invisible

This is a little odd...and my first attempt at femmeslash, but I hope someone likes...Oh, and make sure to read the warnings.

Title: Girl, Invisible
Pairing: Faith/Dawn, implied-sorta Buffy/Dawn
Rating: R, for suggested sex (somewhat non-con) and sorta incest
Summary: It sucks to be invisible.
Timeline: Starts in S4 "Who Are You?" and stretches through post-S5.
rogue by me

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Title: Becoming, New and Improved, (1/9)
Author: Claire Starling
Rating: PG-13
Summary: David Copperfield always starts at the beginning. I was born, I grew up... but I can't. Because I wasn't born. I didn't grow up. I was made. Made to be loved by a Slayer. Made to be cared for. Made to be protected. Made to bleed. I wasn't born. I just... was. The things I remember didn't happen. But they did. If a tree falls, and there is no one around to hear it, does it make a sound?
Pairings: Spawn undertones


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