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Title: Becoming, New and Improved, (1/9) Author: Claire Starling… - Fake Memories?

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July 19th, 2005

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11:40 pm

Title: Becoming, New and Improved, (1/9)
Author: Claire Starling
Rating: PG-13
Summary: David Copperfield always starts at the beginning. I was born, I grew up... but I can't. Because I wasn't born. I didn't grow up. I was made. Made to be loved by a Slayer. Made to be cared for. Made to be protected. Made to bleed. I wasn't born. I just... was. The things I remember didn't happen. But they did. If a tree falls, and there is no one around to hear it, does it make a sound?
Pairings: Spawn undertones


Part One

      Angelus drifted towards the Summers home after his little 'tete a tet' with Buffy. Strolling slowly, he went to the back of the house. It was time to pick up the last passenger on his little joy ride. He waited patiently until he felt a second presence.
     "How'd it go?" he said, not turning around.
     She slid her arms about him, resting her head on his back. "Very well, Daddy. Just as you said it would."
     He smirked. "And the other slayer?"
     Drusilla chuckled, "Mm, she was tasty. She was so weak, her mind was just beckoning me to kill her."
     Angelus turned in her arms. "Congratulations!" he said, like a proud parent. "Killing a slayer, I didn't know you had it in you."
     Instead of commenting, Dru looked up at the window. "Her light calls to me, Angel. Why does she glow, so? She's like a lightening bug, glittering so beautifully in the night."
     Angel grinned, "Would you like to keep that light, baby?"
     Dru clutched Angelus' arm like an excited child in a candy store. "Oh yes, daddy, please! I long to play with her!"
     "I could never deny you anything, Dru," he crooned.
     He climbed up the tree after Dru, enjoying the view. When they reached the top, they skipped over the first room. Angelus smiled as they passed the Slayer's room. He was glad their plans had gone so smoothly. Just imagining the look on Buffys face when she discovered the dead girl and her missing watcher... Angelus shivered with pleasure. It was just too good. And now, this was the icing on the cake.
     The room was purple instead of white, and smelt of oleanders instead of roses. There were lights on, proving it to be occupied. A song was crooning in the background:
"Must be strangely exciting
To watch the stoic squirm
Must be somewhat heartening
To watch shepherd meet shepherd
But you, you're not allowed
You're uninvited
An unfortunate slight."
     Finally, they caught sight of their target, quietly singing along with her humble soprano voice. She was scribbling in one of her various diaries, her eyes wild, her mouth with a slight quirk. Her long, dark hair fell foreword into her face, covering her pale complexion. She put her pen down and carefully locked her diary. Then, with a satisfied look on her face, she stretched back, back, back, her body folding around the chair. Angelus raised an eyebrow at her arched back as she let out a quiet moan, his mind filling with ideas.
     Drusilla giggled, "She shall be a fun one to play with, Daddy." Suddenly, she pouted. "Can we let the light out now?"
     Angelus chuckled before gently knocking on the window.
     Dawn barely started, figuring Buffy had locked her window accidentally again. She turned towards the window but was surprised when no one was there. Her brow wrinkled as she stepped closer, straightening her white cotton nightgown. She paused, and when she heard nothing more, she figured it was her imagination and turned away. But when she bent down to shut off her stereo, she heard it again. Flicking the switch to OFF, she walked to the window and glanced out to see... nothing. Sighing, she turned away. But before she got more than two steps, the knocking came again. Growling slightly, she returned to the window, opening it this time.
     "Buffy, this isn't funny," she said, leaning out.
     She barely had time to cry out before she was pulled out of the safety of her room and into the arms of a killer. Dawn tried to scream but felt the strong arms around her tighten as a hand went over her mouth.
     "Sorry, Dawnie. Buffy couldn't attend, so we decided to escort you instead."
     Dawn's eyes hardened at the sound of Angelus' voice. She muttered behind his hand, obviously annoyed.
     "What was that?" Angelus said, amused. He removed his hand.
     "I said, 'You stupid poof'," she replied defiantly.
     "She sounds like she's been talking to Spike," he commented, obviously enjoying this.
     "Daddy, she's so sweet. Like a dolly. But she's been naughty," Drusilla commented, coming into Dawn's point of view.
     Dawn remembering that her mouth was uncovered, went to scream again. However, Angelus stopped her once more. Growling, she clenched her teeth.
     "Aw, isn't that adorable, Dru? She just- OW!" he exclaimed as Dawn bit into his hand until she tasted blood.
     "How do you like it!" she cried, scrambling to reach her window.
     Drusilla, however, wrapped her arms around Dawn's waist. "Nau-uh, you naughty thing! You can't run off yet, doll face. We haven't even begun yet!" She spun her around, "We're going to have fun!"
     Angelus approached them, "Now, Dawnie, it's time for you to take a nap."
     Dawn tried to reply, but before she could move, Angelus punched her across the face. Her body went limp in Drusilla's arms as her vision faded to black.
     Drusilla hummed as she handed Dawn to Angel. "We're going to have so much fun!"

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