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Fake Memories?

...not anymore.

'Insert Dawn Here' Project
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In 2000 a new character appeared in Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Dawn Summers, the Slayer's little sister.

Dawn was called a plot-device, an unashamed Mary Sue who had invaded the screen. But, like it or not, she was there to stay. She and the monk-made memories which would probably change the perspective of the previous four seasons.

But, how would those memories differ from the original version?

That is exactly what this Project is for.

Claim your episode here, anything in BtVS 1-4 and, if you feel like it, AtS1 (Leni's Note: I'll consider it a personal favour if you re-write IWRY and/or Sanctuary with Dawn in it)

I'm sorry, but for now it can only be one author per episode.

Include Dawn in a meaningful way. You can have her during the episode, or dealing with the consequences after it. You can have her as part of the team, as the protagonist, or as a watcher. Just, have fun.

Deadline: During the first six weeks after you have claimed your episode, just post your story when it's ready. If there's no story until then, that episode can go to someone else.

Length: If you'd like to re-write the entire episode, I'm sure everybody will be thrilled and love you forever. But the requirement is a minimum of 1000 words in a story that features strongly both an aspect (or several) of the episode and Dawn.

There are only two rules:

Stay In Canon - Unless Dawn changes it (in)directly. 'Behind the scenes' are encouraged, as long as they do not break canon. Transcripts are your friends.

No Bashing - Of any type. I still don't know how to ban someone from a community but I'm willing to learn if necessary.

This is NOT an archive, but links to other 'Dawn before S5' stories are welcome. In fact, please share them.

Have fun.

NEW! Stories are archived at Tania's Dawn's Arrival.